Other Projects

I do other things, music and fiction among them.

The Novel

On Michaelmas eve 2013, the 2400th anniversary of the Academy, at the inauspicious location 407421 West 8235th Place, Chicago, IL, I wrote a decadent novel, Remittance Man, having a surprise ending, a surprise beginning, and many interpolated dream sequences. It is available on Amazon.

I've begun to think about a sequel, in a different, more XXth c. style. I'll let it trickle out as it will.

The Band

I have a fictional real musical group called The Odradek Camerata. There are seven of us, two of the members are me, and I am the only one who is ordinarily visible. We have a smattering of poor recordings going back thirty years or so at Bandcamp. All are computer music, some of it 8-bit, some recorded on a NeXT cube on Sammy Davis Jr. Blvd. in Chicago and passed through Fostex k7 4-track and VHS generations before it was digitized. Most were made with Csound, but there is some interesting theater organ music demonstrating hypertonality with polychrome well temperaments.

More interesting stuff will come when I get version 2.0 of the orchestra working and record some new pieces as a shakedown run. I hope to improve the sound quality a lot by then.